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Mandi Caskey aka Miss Birdy is a muralist, gallery artist, and community activist. Caskey chooses to place her attention on creating imagery that will force the viewer to look outside of their mental and emotional world. Using an array of different mediums, the artwork pulls itself away from the artist and takes a life of its own. Caskey’s mural work tends to bleed into a fantasy world that organically takes over any environment and effortlessly changes the impact of a space. As a gallery artist, Miss Caskey enjoys painting quickly and freely in oils on wood that she cuts in her wood shop. The pieces tend to have more of a realistic tone, which brings balance creatively to the artist.

When Caskey places her effort in the community, she has turned to work with local developer Brian Suiter in starting Catalyst Columbus. The first mural foundation in Columbus that focuses on bringing murals and public art to all people everyday. In a new effort Miss Caskey has started an art consultant role for The Fort in downtown Columbus, where she will assist in coordinating walls, gallery shows and events in the space. 

Caskey’s largest mural to date is 400ft long across an abandoned highway in downtown Columbus, tallest mural to date is 90ft high, which was scaled completely on scaffolding. Miss Caskey is well versed in using heavy machinery such as boom lifts and scissor lifts, can erect scaffolding and scale ladders with ease. Caskey is willing to travel for murals or art installs of any kind, being extremely versatile and energetic, she becomes a part of the city and loves it as home.

 “I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

-Jack Nicholson

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