Mandi Caskey is a muralist, gallery artist, and community activist. Caskey chooses to place her attention on creating imagery that will force the viewer to look outside of their personal comfort zone. Using an array of different mediums, the artwork pulls itself away from the artist and takes a life of its own; Caskey allows the work and creative process to take the lead. 

In 2016, creation of a mural in the Rhodes State Office tower gave Caskey the official position as the state of Ohio's first artist in residence. The painting now overlooks the city of Columbus as a permanent installation. In 2017, Caskey created a 90-foot x 25-foot mural for the Open Air Museum at the Inn at Honey Run, another painting that exists as a permanent relic of Caskey’s growing movement. In the same year Caskey was published in her first book for the creation of her Brick by Brick series, paintings created on individual bricks in cities around the country. The artist is now expanding her scope and exploring the world of gallery art, in 2018 she produced 1,019 paintings in her first solo exhibition. After the massive success she was voted #1 artist in Columbus OH for 2018. Caskey now an internationally recognized artist, traveled to Israel in September 2019 to paint murals with a group of exceptional young women and continues to get invited to different cities around the world. While she remains in Columbus, Caskey has now put her efforts into creating the first Contemporary Mural foundation for the city, "Catalyst Columbus". Where she and her business partner will implement a large scale mural festival downtown in 2020. 

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun."

Pablo Picasso